About Me

I am Fabrizio Oriani aka DJ Faber Zee and I am based in Milano.

I am spinning hot tunes since 1998 such as Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Dancehall & Reggae from the Golden Era and beyond!
I am the co-Founder of #GrownNSexyUrbanNight, #BackNForthMilano, #GroovyHeightsMilano, #PhatFridaysMilano, and #UrbanGardenMilan.

Fabrizio Oriani - My Tunes - fabriziooriani.com

I had amazing gigs at: 11Clubroom, Apophis Club, BlackHouse Club, Blackout, Terrazza Duomo 21, Terrazza 12, OBLIO Cellar Bar, Occhio Store Milano, Straf Bar, Senato Hotel Milano, Park Hyatt Milano, Republic Milano,  Portrait Milano, Hotel VIU Milan and Vinile Bar.



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