Grown & Sexy Urban Night

Art runs strong in our family veins!
My Great Great Grandfather Damiano was a famous local gilder, my Great Grandfather Federico entertained his friends playing mandolin and cornet, my uncle Alberto used to play piano, my Grandfather Francesco love to paint and my second cousin Rossella is a fantastic actress.

Music has accompanied me since I was a child when my parents (especially my mom) used to play a lot of music from the Italian 60s.
Then I started to approach music first studying piano, then electronic organ and playing keyboards for a local band during my teenage years.
When I was in my 20s I decided to learn how to DJ, mainly because when I was at the club, almost every DJ didn’t played the music I would have liked to listen to.
In those years I enjoyed playing in the clubs and living the night, but when I found my first corporate job, it was time to quit.

In 2016 when my life changed, I deciced it was time to get back to the consolle; so I started to think how to make it, because at that time, clubs in Milano had their agenda fully booked.

I was having a coffee with my dear friend Paolo and my Love Charlene, talking about the Milanese club scene when a flash of inspiration hit us:

“Let’s create our own special night!”

We, as party goers and music lovers, were not satisfied with the clubbing offer at that time and we analyzed in details why.
First, we didn’t like the music proposal, our tastes were very different.
Secondly, we didn’t like the available clubbing experience itself, too many people and not so many music connoisseurs, usually in a place where we did not feel at home.
Lastly, we did not appreciated the average drinking experience, based on “quantity over quality” approach both in terms of mixing ingredients and mixology culture.

“We strongly thought milano was needing a change!”

That’s how #GrownNSexyUrbanNight was born!
From that moment on, we knew what we had to do…and we did it!
We created our Manifesto, then day by day, preferring to adopt a “1 to 1” affiliation approach, we created an affiliated, international, grown audience.
We also carefully selected unique locations where we had our monthly gigs and finally we created our Bespoke Drink List (thanks to Vittorio Prigioni a young and talented mixologist).



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