WE BELIEVE in music, the most poweful means to share our emotions.
We love the Old-School Urban vibes of Hip-Hop, RnB, Funk, Reggae
and Dancehall, flowing into our bodies and souls while we dance together.

WE BELIEVE in aesthetic and ambiance to put us and our guests in a relaxed and enjoyable mood.
We carefully select unique locations in Milano.

WE BELIEVE in superior drinking experiences where our grown and international crowd can have just a good time!
We created and we constantly update our signature drink list to tighten the bond between music and drinking experience.

WE BELIEVE in diversity and inclusion as a key for growing as human beings.
Our unique parties brings together different generations, cultures, backgrounds, genders and orientations, strengthened by the common passion for the music we select.

WE CREATED recurrent and niche events in carefully selected locations in Milano, where international and grown music connoisseurs can enjoy incredibly curated music anthology, meet new exciting people while sipping on top notch. cocktails.

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