Phat Fridays Milano

In March 2022, a new chapter was born…
After the pandemic, we were finally back on the dancefloor.
A new project, with a new name, but with the same old milestones:

Great music anthology
Superior drinking experience
Exclusive locations
– Amazing people

#PhatFridaysMilano The Original OldSchool Urban Party in Milano.

Season One


OBLIO is a multifaceted concept, which identifies itself as a Blind Pig, venues born during prohibition together with the Speakeasies.

The Blind Pig was more democratic than the high-ranking Speakeasy, it was more open to people and their most intimate secrets, it was less glitzy and more informal, and had the secret task of divulging pure alcohol. People went there to experience moments of pure freedom, accompanied by their most loved distillate.

Blind Pig: senseless attraction while enjoying illegal alcohol at an underground destination.

OBLIO wants to overturn and unmask the contradictory speakeasies. A different way of making uniqueness a convivial art form, unhinging dogmas and rules to leave room for the freedom of being a common part of a space, of a moment. An intimate place where the guest must enjoy the time that does not pass.

OBLIO wants to be your place, your bar where you can feel truly free.


Mio Lab at ParK Hyatt Milano

After a very accurate search, we found a new location at Mio Lab the cocktail bar of Park Hyatt Milano, a stone’s throw from the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and Duomo, a magical and exclusive venue with a top-level drink list.
The other news concerns the timetable which, in continuity with Urban Garden, from this season anticipates and becomes a long aperitif, from 7pm to end around 11.30pm.
This choice once again brings us closer to our FAM needs so that we can spend a few hours together with our beloved music, enjoying delicious cocktails, without necessarily having to be late.



#PhatFridaysMilano Mixtapes



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