Urban Garden Milano

Urban Garden Milano was born with the idea to create a groovy aperitivo during the week to have fun with our FAM.

Urban Garden Milano is a musical journey (R&B, HipHop, Soul & Funk) starting from the OldSchool to get to the most recent sounds, immersed in the exclusive atmosphere of Senato Caffè Milano, sipping delicious cocktails and letting our guests be carried away by the unique vibes that our parties can give us.

Senato Caffè at Senato Hotel Milano

An intimate and reserved place, heated in winter where you can relax on our chaise longues or sitting at the tables reading a good book.

A secret oasis for a meeting, in a hushed location a stone’s throw from the fashion district.

A small garden where you can enjoy something good at all hours between hydrangeas and gingko biloba.

This is how we do it!

Season One

After a very satisfying first season of #PhatFridaysMilano. we thought it would be nice to have some Summer dates.



After a very satisfying second season of #PhatFridaysMilano, we are proud to announce tha the second season of #UrbanGardenMilan will take place at Senato Hotel Milano and we will have four dates (May, June, July and September).

Urban Garden Season 2 Opening PartyFlyer + HBD DJ Faber Zee
#UrbanGardenMilan n.4 - 21 Giugno 2023 - Flyer
Urban Garden n.5 - White Party - 12.07.2023
#UrbanGardenMilan n.6 - HBD Queen Charley - Flyer (1)

#UrbanGardenMilan People



UrbangardenMilan Mixtapes



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